Varistor Products

Bourns provides a complete range of varistor technologies, form factors, and ratings to meet a wide range of voltage protection requirements in practically any application.

The first is the SMD, which is a traditional MOV devices offered in a surface-mount package. This is used to protect electronic equipment from high voltage surges; MLVs provide excellent on-board ESD and surge protection for consumer and vehicle electronics; automotive varistors for usage in severe environments such as those found in automotive and industrial applications; hybrid varistor are created by combining different varistor technologies for increased performance and space savings; through-hole MOVs are conventional PCB components that offers tough protection in an industry-standard form. Protected equipment may live in surroundings with the most severe disturbances due to high energy varistors.

Our product portfolio provides designers with the tools they need to address the complex technology requirements of a wide range of applications, including low voltage board level (LVBL), telecommunication, automotive electronics, AC-line, TVSS, and high-energy industrial equipment designs.


Traditional MOV devices offered in surface-mount packages


Effective on-board ESD and surge protection for consumer and automotive electronics.

AEC-Q200 Compliant Varistors

Qualified for use in the harsh environments found in automotive and industrial applications.

Hybrid Technologies

Combine varistor with other technologies for advanced performance and space savings.


Traditional PCB products provide rugged protection in the industry standard form factor.


Surge ratings enable protected equipment to thrive in environments exposed to the most severe disturbances.

Bourns is participating in the NexGenHVEC Project, which focuses on hybrid varistor electronics components.

For more information, please have a look at our white paper: Bourns® Tips on Selecting the Right MOV Surge Suppressor White Paper.

Bourns Announces Completion of KEKO-Varicon Integration

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Varistor products CMRT

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