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Customer Service

Customer Service Email:
Telephone +1 951-781-5500
Customer Service Email:
Telephone +52-614-478-0400
Customer Service Email:
Telephone 886-2-2562-4117
Customer Service Email:
Telephone +36 88 885 877
Tech. Support Email:

Product Compliance Inquiry

For more information regarding Product Compliance issues, please email

Export Control Inquiry

All Export Control, including BIS and ITAR subject inquiries, must be directed to US persons only. For quotes or information regarding US Export Control products or applications, please send to, an email address which is restricted by Bourns to US Persons only. 
*Please be aware, not all individuals in Americas customer service are a US person permitted to receive US Export Control materials. When in doubt about the content of your inquiry,
use the Export Control email address provided, to initiate contact with Bourns