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The original aerospace transducers and sensors manufactured from the founding of The Bourns Laboratories in Marlan and Rosemary Bourns’ Altadena, California garage all used resistive “elements” along with a moving contact called a “wiper” as their basic sensing device. Most of the Bourns® family of resistive products are direct descendants of this resistive sensing technology. The patriarch of the family is the Trimpot® trimming potentiometer which Marlan Bourns invented while he was home sick for a few days in 1952 and is still today the product for which Bourns is best known.


Bourns® Trimpot® Trimming potentiometers perform a variety of circuit adjustments in all types of electronic equipment. The variety of physical configurations available and the ability to withstand today’s manufacturing environment offers the designer flexibility in selecting the best trimmer for the application. The Bourns® Trimpot® Potentiometer product line was developed using all of Bourns’ core competencies; ceramics, thick-film printing, welding and brazing to offer the most reliable electronic products. Bourns is the ONLY company in the world manufacturing high-reliability (RJR, MILPRF- 39035) military trimmers, along with the broadest offering of QPL Approved (RJ, MIL-PRF-22097) military trimmers.

Mineral Source Reporting for Sensors, Panel Controls, Encoders, Precision Potentiometers, Dials: CFSI_CMRT4-01