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Kyle Moldenhauer
Bourns Magnetics Product Applications and Marketing Engineer
Bourns Power & Signal Magnetics Solutions in Battery Management Systems
Continuous updates in global safety standards along with higher and higher working voltages has increased the need for advanced transformer solutions. This need applies to both the low power stage and communication BUS lines that require isolation between active ICs. This presentation serves to give and overview of the magnetics design challenges to meet these parameters and then give Bourns product solutions that solve these challenges.

Attendees of this training module will learn:
  • Battery management systems – overview
  • Power Conversion Components in BMS
    • Magnetics Design Challenges
  • Bourns Solutions for:
    • Isolated Power with Low Voltage
    • Isolated Signal with Low Voltage

Kyle Moldenhauer
Bourns Magnetics Product Applications and Marketing Engineer
Flyback Topology Highlights and Bourns Solutions for Low Power Conversion Drivers
Flyback operation is an energy storage topology operating in single quadrant operation of the magnetics BH material loop. The goals of this module are to explain how unavoidable parasitic components of transformer design affect leading edge transient behavior for this topology. In addition, how gapping is used to control the overall size of the transformer and tradeoffs involved between core size and saturation current handling. Bourns catalog flyback transformer solutions will be presented for various types of IC chipsets and generally what input requirements are needed to effectively design the transformer.

Attendees of this training module will learn:
  • Magnetics design involves multiple design tradeoffs
  • Tradeoffs affect the overall size and performance of the component
  • Effects of core gapping need to be considered
  • Safety and isolation play a large part of the design process in a given application
  • Automotive requirements can be a special case (BMS for example)
  • Separation requirements between low voltage and high voltage can be implemented several ways – typically by the transformer
  • Bourns offers a multitude of flyback transformer solutions
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