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The product of firing a nonmetallic material at high temperature, used in the manufacture of ceramic substrates.

Cermet Thick Film

A multifunctional (resistive, conductive, or insulative) combination of precious metals and an organic binder milled under pressure to form a printable ink.

Chip Scale Packaging

Advanced wafer level integrated passive devices on a silicon substrate.

Dual Inline Packaging

Package outline with an equal number of leads on each side on the unit.

Hybritron Resistive Elements

A wirewound element with a stripe of conductive plastic ink along the wiper track.

Hall Effect and 2-Axis Hall Effect Technology

Non-contacting sensors are developed with a wide range of magneto resistance-based angular sensor solutions.

Polymeric Thick Film

A combination of highly conductive carbon black and a non-conductive crystalline polymer.

Pressed Ceramic Substrates

Dry powder pressed ceramic substrates with excellent thermal characteristics.


A tetravalent nonmetallic element, used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

Silicon Integrated Circuits

A single chip with specific dopants diffused into an active substrate material to create the functions of circuit components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors.

Single Inline Packaging

Package outline with all leads in-line.

Thick Film on Ceramic

A resistive element screen-printed and fired onto a ceramic substrate.

Thick Film on FR4

A resistive element screen-printed and cured on an FR4 board.

Thick Film on Plastic

A resistive element screen-printed and cured onto a plastic substrate.

Thick Film Piezoresistors

A thick film device that produces resistance under pressure changes.

Thick Film Thermistors

A thick film device with a fixed and precisely specified temperature coefficient.

Thin Film on Silicon

A very thin metallic film vapor deposited on a silicon.

Wirewound Resistive Elements

A length of high-resistivity wire wound onto an insulated mandrel to form a resistive element.