Design Files

We offer SPICE, LTspice, S-parameter and 3D files on many of our parts. In addition, we offer Inductor Equivalent Circuits. Please select a product line for a list of Bourns® models that have design files available. If you do not see what you need, please contact a Bourns representative for more information. File types: SPICE/LTspice (DOC, TXT, LIB), 3D (IGS, STP), S-parameter (S2P), Inductor Equivalent Circuits (XLSX). Please note: 1) These files may not be directly compatible with all types of available simulation software and please verify all designs in circuit. 2) Specific information regarding the use of the model may be included within the file. 3) 3D files have been created using typical dimensions unless otherwise noted.

Note on Inductors: SPICE models (unless otherwise specified) are based only on steady-state low-signal AC measurements and analysis based on S-parameter (.s2p file) data collected for each device. Transient analyses or DC bias cannot be done using this data. Please also refer to Instruction for Using Bourns Library Data File on LTspice for general information and these instructions for GDT components.