Hybrid Protectors - MSP®

Hybrid Protectors - MSP®

The Bourns® Multi-Stage Protector (MSP®) 5-pin and station protectors provide superior protection by combining the best of two technologies: the high energy handling of a three-electrode Gas Discharge Tube with the quick response of solid-state Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). Bourns® MSP® product is the best choice for broadband voice and/or data lines.

The benefits are:

  • Solid-state MOV for rapid response to surges
  • Gas Discharge Tube gives robust surge energy handling
  • Low capacitance for minimal bandwidth reduction
  • No air Back Up Gap (BUG) results in extended service life
  • Switch-grade fail-short provides maximum fire safety

To learn more about the Bourns® MSP® advantage, read the latest article in the Spotlight Newsletter (PDF, 28K).

For an in-depth look at Bourns® MSP® products, read the Bourns® MSP® Products Reliability White Paper. (PDF, 1MB)

Please refer to the Bourns® Outside Plant Product Guide (PDF, 2MB) for further information.

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