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Sulfurous environments have a negative impact on film resistors by reacting with elements, particularly silver. Sulfide growth can cause resistors to go open circuit. Sulfur-resistant resistors had an approximately 20 times greater operating lifetime than the standard device. With the use of Bourns® sulfur-resistant film resistors and arrays, this corrosion related type of hard failure can be substantially reduced or eliminated, resulting in improved system reliability, performance, robustness and reduction of downtime.

Not Recommended Products marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs. 

Size 01005 to 2512
(0402 to 6431 Metric)
Rated power at 70 °C 0.03 to 2 W
Resistance Range 0.03 ohms to 20 megohms
Resistance Tolerance 0.5 %, ±1 %, ±5 %
Temperature Coefficient ±100, ±200, ±400 ppm/°C
Operating Temperature Range –55 to +125/155 °C


Available features

  • Thin film and thick film
  • Single chip resistors and arrays
  • High power
  • Surge withstand
  • RoHS compliant*
  • Suitable for most types of soldering processes
  • Standard packaging on paper tape and reel
*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.


  • IT industry, server farms, data/storage centers, notebooks and desktop computers
  • Communication base stations
  • Industrial motor controls, pump controls and welding equipment
  • Rubber, paper and oil manufacturing
  • Outdoor and on-road applications, lighting and traffic control
  • Marine, mining, agricultural and winery equipment
Series CR0805A-AS
Data Sheet CR0805A-AS
Photo CR0805A-AS_part
Resistance Range 1 ohm to 20 megohms
Tolerances 1 %, 5 %
Temperature Coefficient ±100 ppm/±200 ppm/±400 ppm
Power per Resistor 0.125 W
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