High Power Shunts

Bourns offers high power shunt resistors manufactured using a metal alloy element that is electron-beam welded to tinned copper terminals. The Bourns® Model CSM Series is available in three different footprint sizes: 8518, 7036, and 6918 metric, with resistance values as low as 50 µΩ, meeting low voltage drop and high-accuracy requirements with the ability to handle high currents up to 1000 A and permanent power ratings of up to 50 W.

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The Model CSM Series is AEC-Q200 compliant with a high pulse power rating. The metal alloy current sensing element allows thermal EMF as low as 0.25 µV/K and a low TCR of 50 PPM/° which our customers find particularly well-suited for automotive applications with high temperature fluctuation.

Bourns® Model CSM high power current sense shunts are ideal for battery management system applications. Proper battery management requires the continuous monitoring of current flow through the electrical circuit. Monitoring the status of the battery is essential in automotive and other market segments where rechargeable batteries are used. Using Bourns® CSM Series for battery management provides a very accurate and cost-effective method to meet these needs.


Size 6918, 7036, 8518, 8536
Rated power at 70 °C 36 W to 50 W
Resistance Range 25 to 200 µΩ
Resistance Tolerance ±5 %
Temperature Coefficient
(Resistive materials)
<50 ppm/°C
Operating Temperature Range –55 to +170 °C

Upon request, Bourns can offer customized parts to meet a customer’s required shape, mechanical and electrical characteristics. Additional percussion welded current sense pins are available in order to connect current sense resistors properly to the circuit board. Keeping current sense traces/wires as short as possible between the shunt and current measurement chipset is very important for measuring accuracy. That is why Bourns supports customers with pre-assembled modules integrating shunts into a circuit board which can include additional components such as connector headers and NTC thermistors, based on customer request.

All Bourns® components approved for typical automotive applications are manufactured in facilities that are fully certified to TS 16949, and have been tested, qualified using the AEC-Q standard for passive components and presented to the customer for selection and approval using PPAP. Bourns also offers customers access to our application test lab.

Bourns has a long history of serving the automotive market with quality products. With excellent customer service and the availability of field application engineers, Bourns works closely with automotive system designers to help customers with layout support and making modifications as requested by customer. Bourns performs surge tests and offers application and customer-specific testing.


Available features

  • EB welded metal strip
  • AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Up to 50 W permanent power
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Resistance value as low as 50 µΩ
  • Low TCR of 50 PPM/°C
  • Low thermal EMF as low as 0.25 µV/K
  • Maximum fastening torque 10 Nm
  • Percussion welded current sense pins available
  • Customized pre-assembled modules include a connector
  • RoHS compliant*

*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.




  • Battery management systems
  • Current sensing on hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Current sensing in bus bars
  • Current sensing in welding equipment
  • Voltage division
  • Power modules
  • Frequency converters
  • Industrial


Series Data Sheet Photo Resistance Range Tolerances Temperature Coefficient Power per Resistor MDS Design Files Engineering Buy Now
CSM2F-6918 CSM2F-6918-0 CSM2F_6918_0_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-6918-L050J00
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-6918 CSM2F-6918-1 CSM2F_6918_1_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-6918-L050J01
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-6918 CSM2F-6918-2 CSM2F_6918_2_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-6918-L050J02
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-7036 CSM2F-7036-0 CSM2F_7036_0_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-7036-L025J00
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-7036 CSM2F-7036-1 CSM2F_7036_1_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-7036-L050J01
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-7036 CSM2F-7036-2 CSM2F_7036_2_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-7036-L025J02
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8518 CSM2F-8518-0 CSM2F_8518_0_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-8518-L050J00
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8518 CSM2F-8518-1 CSM2F_8518_1_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-8518-L050J01
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8518 CSM2F-8518-2 CSM2F_8518_2_part 50 to 200 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 36 W CSM2F-8518-L050J02
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8536 CSM2F-8536-0 CSM2F_8536_0_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-8536-L025J00
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8536 CSM2F-8536-1 CSM2F_8536_1_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-8536-L025J01
Downloads Buy
CSM2F-8536 CSM2F-8536-2 CSM2F_8536_2_part 25 to 100 microohms 5 % ±50 ppm 50 W CSM2F-8536-L025J02
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