Chip Resistor Arrays

Chip Resistor Arrays

Bourns provides a wide selection of standard resistance values, available with convex or concave termination styles in several popular sizes from 2 x 0201 up to 8 x 0603. Sulfur-resistant designs and AEC-Q200 compliant parts are also available. Chip arrays minimize space requirements, as well as reduce cost and component count. These products are manufactured using a thick film element which is printed onto a high purity ceramic substrate. Typical applications include: toys, cell phones, mobile devices and consumer, industrial and telecom goods. Please view our Table of Standard values (E Table) for standard values used in chip resistor arrays: Table of Standard Values (E Table).

Not Recommended Products marked with this symbol are currently available, although not recommended for new designs. 

Mineral Source Reporting for Chip Arrays, Chip Resistors, CHV, CST: CFSI_CMRT4-01

Bourns® Resistive Products Overview White Paper

Size 2x0201, 4x0201, 2x0402, 4x0402, 4x0603 isolated; 8 resistors/10 pins bussed circuit
Rated power at 70 °C 0.031 to 0.0625 W / resistor
Resistance Range 3 ohms to 1 megohms
Resistance Tolerance ±1 %; ±5 %
Temperature Coefficient
± 200 to ±400 ppm/°C
Operating Temperature Range -55 to +125/155 °C

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Available features

  • AEC-Q200 compliant available
  • Convex or concave terminations
  • 2 or 4 pieces of 0201, 0402, 0603 size resistors for isolated circuits
  • Isolated and bussed circuits
  • Sulfur-resistant designs available
  • RoHS compliant*
  • Suitable for most types of soldering processes
  • Standard packaging on paper tape and reel
*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.


  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Telecom
  • Automotive (AEC-Q200 compliant chip resistor arrays only)

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