SMD Semi-Shielded Power Inductors at Low Cost but High Reliability

Power Inductors - SMD Semi-Shielded

Bourns® semi-shielded SMD power inductors offers reduced footprint and cost-savings as compared to non-shielded inductors.

Power inductors are an essential component in the voltage regulator topology. Virtually every circuit that regulates power in automobiles, electronics and DC-DC converters requires an inductor. Bourns® semi-shielded power inductors provides the best of both worlds by combining the features of non-shielded and shielded inductors, making them ideal for use in DC-DC converters which provide power management to mobile electronic devices, computers, data storage devices, renewable energy devices. Bourns semi-shielded SMD power inductors offers reduced footprint and cost-savings when compared to non-shielded inductors.

Bourns® is a professional manufacturer for cost effective, AEC-Q200 compliant, semi-shielded power inductors. Our power inductors are essential solutions for reducing core losses in applications where voltage conversion is necessary. As a semi-shielded power inductor manufacturer, Bourns produces a complete line of power inductors including power supply inductors, SMD power inductors, high current inductors, high power inductors, surface mount inductors, and other circuitry requiring power inductors. Bourns Inc power inductors feature a wide inductance range, low DC resistance, and the high current values required for industrial applications.

Bourns semi-shielded SMD power inductors are designed to bridge the performance gap of shielded and non-shielded power inductors by offering users an additional selection of inductors. Bourns® SRN semi-shielded SMD power inductors utilize magnetic epoxy resin as a shield which provides effective magnetic shielding while emitting lower radiation compared to non-shielded power inductors. In addition, the Bourns® power inductor models offer a reduced footprint and cost savings to comparably-sized shielded inductors. Small footprints, a wide range of inductance values and high current handling are the hallmarks of Bourns® semi-shielded power inductors. Bourns® semi-shielded power inductors are among the more eco-friendly inductors available on the market today.

Mineral Source Reporting for Power Inductors: CFSI_CMRT4-01

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