Bourns Introduces Expanded Line of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Power Resistors with Smaller Footprint

Riverside, California, January 20, 2009 - Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced the company’s expanded line of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) power resistors that offer excellent pulse protection, smaller footprint and simple series dropping functions enabling cost-effective automated assembly. Designated Bourns PWR2010, PWR3014, PWR4318 and PWR5322, the new SMT power resistors feature high power density, low temperature coefficient with power ratings of ½ to 3 watts. The SMT resistors uniquely feature the characteristics of a wirewound resistor in a surface mount device (SMD) package providing improved pulse handling for greater stability over a wide temperature range and improved product longevity. Designed for a broad variety of applications that include instrumentation, telecommunications, base stations, automation and control applications, Bourns new SMT power resistors are an ideal solution for high-volume, automated assembly and as drop-in replacements for higher-priced and larger footprint parts.

"Bourns is committed to developing innovative products that exceed our customers’ needs for smaller packaging, greater durability and increased product life over an extensive array of applications,” said Cathal Sheehan, product marketing manager for Bourns Resistive Products Division. “Our new, expanded line of SMT power resistors offers competitive advantages in featuring a broad range of temperature requirements in much smaller packages.”

Bourns’ SMT power resistors are designed with a special contour that maximizes the surface area of the device and minimizes the temperature rise of the package for improved stability over time. These SMT resistors have a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of 20 PPM for resistance values greater than 10 ohms, 50 PPM for resistance values less than 10 ohms and 90 PPM for resistance values less than 0.99 ohms for increased stability and durability over a wide temperature range.

Technical Specifications – Environmental Characteristics

Test Description Specifications
Thermal Shock -55 + 0 ºC/-3 ºC to 150 ºC +3 ºC/-0 ºC, 5 cycles, with minimum 15 minutes at each cycle ∆R +(2.0 % + 0.05 Ω)
Short Time Overload Five times rated power for 5 seconds ∆R +(0.5 % + 0.05 Ω)
Solderability Immersion in solder 260 ºC +5 ºC for 5 +0.5 seconds 90% of contact covered in solder
Resistance to Solder Heat Immersion in solder 260 ºC +5 ºC for 5 +0.5 seconds ∆R +(0.5 % + 0.05 Ω)
Dielectric Strength Test voltage &;gt;500 Vrms for greater than 1 minute Pass
Insulation Resistance Test voltage greater than 500 Vrms for one minute &;gt;1000 GΩ
High Temperature Exposure Ambient temperature of 175 ºC +5 ºC/-0 ºC for 250 +8 hours ∆R +(2.0 % + 0.05 Ω)
Low Temperature Exposure Ambient Temperature of -65C +2C for 24 hours + 4 hours ∆R +(2.0 % + 0.05 Ω)
Load Life Rated continuous voltage for 1000 hours (1 hour on and 0.5 hours off) at a test temperature of 70ºC +2 ºC ∆R +(2.0 % + 0.05 Ω)

Pricing and Availability
Bourns’ new SMT power resistors are available now. As a pricing reference, this new line is priced from $0.48-$0.77 in 5,000 piece quantities.

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