Helping Enhance Safety & Extend Battery Life in BMS Designs

As the number of cells in the stack and working voltages continue to increase, Battery Management Systems (BMS) are critical in high-energy vehicle and industrial battery packs. Bourns AEC-Q200 certified, custom and standards-based power conversion, circuit protection and sensing products offer effective solutions that help to increase safety and reliability while extending battery life.

Here you will find useful technical resources developed to help power engineers select the right components for their BMS designs:


White Paper: Battery Pack Protection Overview

To help designers wade through the myriad of solutions and battery regulations, this white paper presents various methods for protecting Li-ion battery packs. Since battery cells face inherent electrical, environmental and mechanical challenges when overcharged or overheated, the paper covers how best to address threats that can cause a battery cell to rupture, combust or explode.

White Paper: Optimizing Battery Management in High Voltage Energy Systems

This paper reviews the market trends and the challenges facing designers of BMS systems. It focuses on the isolation of communications and transient protection issues. It introduces isolated sigma-delta converters with dynamic ranges less than 200 mV. The subsequent attractiveness of shunt-based current measurement for BMS is also presented.

Application note: Selecting BMS Transformers for Isolated Communications in High Voltage Energy Storage

This application note provides an overview of the key features of battery monitoring ICs typically specified in BMS. It includes background information on battery cell chemistries as they relate to the requirements for communications in high voltage BMS. An application example is provided that explains the technology benefits that Bourns® transformers deliver to meet these specifications.

White paper: New Amorphous Cores for High Frequency Power Applications

This paper introduces new core material research by Bourns in collaboration with the Tyndall Research Institute. The purpose of developing new magnetic materials is to achieve minimal core losses at high switching frequencies. The paper provides an overview of core material terminology and describes the results obtained from new material produced by Bourns.

Brochure: Battery Management & Protection Product Profile

Discover the battery management and protection products Bourns provides to support efficient energy storage and longer battery life in portable battery powered devices, electric vehicles, energy and industrial applications.

White paper: Keeping Higher Current Li-Ion Battery Cells Safe

While battery technology has evolved, the requirement for a safety circuit in consumer electronics designs remains. This white paper presents the basics of lithium-ion cell functionality, potential operational hazards and the need for a multi-layered protection design approach. It outlines the features in the advanced protection solutions available from Bourns that contribute to safer lithium-ion battery cell usage.

Application note: Accurate Measurements using Shunt Resistors and Current Sense Modules in High-Energy Storage

This application note provides helpful BMS design information on the level of accuracy that can be obtained using Bourns® Model CSM2F Series shunt resistors combined with a current sense module designed for this purpose.

Our broad line of high-quality component solutions is designed to meet isolated communications, high voltage, effective protection, wide temperature range and accurate current sensing requirements.