Bourns Acquires Power ​Magnetics Assets From Transtek

Bourns has acquired specified assets used for the production and sale of the Transtek brand of magnetics products. The portfolio of Transtek magnetic components acquired by Bourns includes custom transformers, inductors and coils for a variety of applications such as electrical isolation and voltage conversion in power electronics circuitry. Read more...

Bourns® Magnetics Product Part Numbering System and Date Code System for Acquired Transtek Magnetics Products Flyer

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Bourns® custom magnetic devices: CFSI_CMRT5.01



Power Magnetics

• Main Transformer
• Power Inductors
• Common Mode Chokes
• Current Sensors
• PFC Chokes
• Output Chokes
• Gate Driver Transformers


HV/HEV/EV Custom Magnetics

    • On Board Charger
    • DC/DC Converter
    • DC/AC Inverter
    • Battery Management
    • High Voltage Junction Box
    • Portable Charger


Electromechanical Parts

    • Linear Solenoids
    • Actuators
    • Solenoid for Fluid Controls
    • Electromagnetics
    • Custom Design


Automotive Coils

    • Up to AWG #50 Fine Wire Size
    • High Numbers of Turns
    • Full Automation
    • Multiple Applications


Solar Power Magnetics

    • High Power Transformers
    • High Current Inductors
    • PFC Chokes
    • Optimizer Chokes
    • Link transformers
    • Housekeeping transformers
    • Averaging inductors
    • Common Mode Chokes


Custom Magnetics

Bourns can help address your specific custom requirements. Select the appropriate link below to begin the process of establishing your requirements.

Power Transformer Custom Worksheet
Inductor and Common Mode Choke Custom Worksheet




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