Power Magnetics Manufacturing and Design

To support the growing requirement for high-frequency custom magnetics designs, Bourns’ experienced engineering teams can provide both the software (magnetic design and FEA) and hardware (prototyping tools) from a single power electronics laboratory location. Our expertise with advanced software design tools allows Bourns to develop the optimum magnetics design for our customers before making engineering samples. Having mechanical and electrical engineering in the same location, as well as an available stock of ferrite cores and 3D printer, allows us to turnaround prototypes faster (sometimes as fast as 24-hours) giving you a time-to-market advantage.

We have production facilities that are certified to IATF 16949 with automated manufacturing both for high volume, low power transformers as well as more complicated magnetics assemblies. This includes high-power converters (toroidal or split cores) such as power factor corrected soft switched half bridge converters.  Our experienced application engineers ensure that prototypes are successfully transferred from initial engineering to production using industry standard AQCP (Advanced Quality Control Procedures) so that your design can maintain the highest quality levels.
Trust Bourns for isolated communications solutions based on industry-leading high quality, standards-based and compliant power magnetics technology.
  • Power transformers
  • Planar transformers
  • Gate transformers
  • Power inductors
  • Current sense magnetics
  • Common mode chokes
Bourns® Magnetics Product Part Numbering System and Date Code System for Acquired Transtek Magnetics Products Flyer

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Bourns® custom magnetic devices: CMRT



Power Magnetics

• Main Transformer
• Power Inductors
• Common Mode Chokes
• Current Sensors
• PFC Chokes
• Output Chokes
• Gate Driver Transformers


HV/HEV/EV Custom Magnetics

    • On Board Charger
    • DC/DC Converter
    • DC/AC Inverter
    • Battery Management
    • High Voltage Junction Box
    • Portable Charger


Electromechanical Parts

    • Linear Solenoids
    • Actuators
    • Solenoid for Fluid Controls
    • Electromagnetics
    • Custom Design


Automotive Coils

    • Up to AWG #50 Fine Wire Size
    • High Numbers of Turns
    • Full Automation
    • Multiple Applications


Solar Power Magnetics

    • High Power Transformers
    • High Current Inductors
    • PFC Chokes
    • Optimizer Chokes
    • Link transformers
    • Housekeeping transformers
    • Averaging inductors
    • Common Mode Chokes


Custom Magnetics

Bourns can help address your specific custom requirements. Select the appropriate link below to begin the process of establishing your requirements.

Power Transformer Custom Worksheet
Inductor and Common Mode Choke Custom Worksheet