Coronavirus/Covid-19 Fourth Update

Riverside, Calif., February 9, 2020

Dear Customer,
As previously projected, our manufacturing facilities located in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the City of Xiamen and in the City of Dongguan were able to re-open on February 10, 2020 after the end of the extended Chinese government-mandated shut-down due to the 2019 Coronavirus.

However, neither Bourns facility in the PRC is operating at full capacity. There still are governmental travel and quarantine restrictions in place which have delayed the ability of many Bourns employees in the PRC to return to work. These restrictions also are contributing to the continued delay in the flow of raw materials and supplies to our PRC facilities as well as the shipment of finished goods from our PRC facilities.

Bourns is making every effort to minimize the effect of the 2019 Coronavirus on its customers while taking measures to ensure the safety of our employees and comply with the latest recommendations and requirements of the governmental authorities. We have implemented recovery plans at both facilities and estimate at this time that such plans will be in place for at least through the end of March 2020. Our recovery plans assume steady recovery of operations at PRC-based suppliers and freight transporters with which our PRC facilities do business and that the global supply chain will keep pace with Bourns’ normalization of its business activities in the PRC.

The cumulative effect of the responsive actions to the 2019 Coronavirus on global supply chains is causing Bourns plants located outside of the PRC to experience some delays in the receipt of raw materials and supplies sourced in the PRC. Any improvement in delivery dates will be dependent upon the availability of cargo transportation to and from the PRC and Hong Kong and the resumption of production by sub-suppliers located in the PRC.

Bourns will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as required. Bourns’ customer service representatives will continue to coordinate and communicate schedule changes directly with our customers. Please be assured that Bourns’ upper management is briefed regularly by the plants and is involved in the company’s response to this unprecedented event.

For further information, please contact your local Bourns representative.

Yours truly,
J. Kelly Vogt
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales

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