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Bourns® Multifuse® products are resettable fuses and SinglFuse™ products are one-time acting fuses. Some applications require a physical break in the circuit if a short circuit arises without the circuit resetting and continuing to operate. In this case, a SinglFuse™ device can be used. In applications where the circuit is to be protected from an overcurrent event and then continue operating after the event, a Multifuse® resettable fuse will be used.


Bourns® POWrFuseTM High-Power Fuses are industrial fuse links designed to UL 248, IEC 60269 and ISO 8820 standards in order to withstand extreme ambient temperatures, high-cycling and low- level fault current conditions. POWrFuseTM High-Power Fuses are rated at extremely high interrupting currents, providing reliable overcurrent and short-circuit protection, and are housed in various mounting configurations to accommodate customers’ design requirements. These products are targeted at applications including but not limited to EV/HEV, battery management systems, power supplies, DC-DC converters, telecom systems, photovoltaic power systems, industrial controllers and charging stations. Along with Bourns® overvoltage protection products such as SPDs, PTVS Diodes, High Energy MOVs and High Current GDTs, the complete circuit protection solution can be installed.