TVS Diodes

TVS Diodes
Power supplies, both AC and DC, used in telecommunications and other exposed applications often need protection from hostile events such as power line surges and indirect lightning strikes. It is critical to avoid damage to the power supply by limiting the peak surge voltage to an acceptable level without short-circuiting the line for an extended period of time in order to minimize the downtime of critical systems and avoid costly maintenance calls. Power TVS diodes are the only ones that can fulfill the requirements of these applications.

Power TVS diodes provide outstanding protection for both alternating current and direct current power line applications by a Power TVS diode in a surface mount package. When compared to other devices, such as MOVs, power TVS diodes provide much better protection. Bourns provides a broad voltage range of devices with surge current ratings ranging from 3, 6, 10, and 15 kA to suit a variety of applications.

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Diodes: CFSI_CMRT4-01

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Series SMLJ Series
Data Sheet SMLJ Series
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Type 3000 W TVS Diodes - VRWM 5~170 V - SMC Package
Working Peak Reverse Voltage Symbol: VRMM / unit: V 5-170
Minimum Breakdown Voltage @ IT (mA) Symbol: VBR / unit: V 6.4-189
Typical Capacitance @ 0 V 1 MHZ Symbol:: CT / unit: PF
RoHS Compliant SMLJ Series
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