Protection Connector Blocks

Protection Connector Blocks

Please note, that in accordance with ongoing product life cycle management procedures, Bourns has entered into an agreement to transfer its Connection product line to COMTEST Networks, Inc. effective May 1, 2020. Please refer to the Product Update Memo for more information.

Please refer to to the Bourns® Outside Plant Product Overview Guide (PDF, 2.4MB) for further information.

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Series Data Sheet Photo Number of Lines Applications Engineering Buy Now
C-377 Series C-377 Series c_377_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy

C-388 series C-388 series c_388_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy

CG-303 Series CG-303 Series c_g_303_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy

CG-310 Series CG-310 Series c_g_310_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy

CG-390 Series CG-390 Series c_g_390_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy

CG-391 Series CG-391 Series c_g_391_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy
MPC Series MPC Series mpc_part_lg 100 CO, PABX Buy
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