Factory Automation

As companies strive to increase production, shorten cycle times and reduce overhead, the need for factory automation becomes more apparent. Automation can bring greater control, repeatability and allow remote monitoring. A finely controlled industrial facility can help meet the relentless just-in time demands of the 21st century marketplace. Unscheduled downtime of such facilities can cause havoc and destroy quality. Bourns can help to prevent downtime by protecting sensitive ​circuits.

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  • Rotary Position Feedback sensor
  • Current Sensors


  • Circuit adjustment
  • Panel Controls


  • Surge Protection
  • Transient Protection
  • ESD Suppression

Circuit Conditioning

  • EMC
  • EMI filter
  • Inrush
  • Overcurrent

Flow Control

Flow Control

Motion Control

Motion Control

SCADA* Port Protection

SCADA Port Protection

Machine Vision

Machine Vision
*SCADA = supervisory control and data acquisition
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