Combo Sensor Steering Torque

This non-contacting combination sensor is used in vehicles featuring electrically-controlled power-assisted steering which requires steering angle information. The torque sensor measures the rotational defl ection of a torsion bar that interconnects the input and output shafts of the steering column. The torsion bar defl ects in proportion to the amount of steering effort from the driver. The output signal from the torque sensor is fed into the steering ECU which controls the amount of steering assistance provided by an electrical motor. A higher torque corresponds to a higher level of assistance. The steering angle portion measures the direction, speed and angular position of the steering wheel. This information can be used by other various vehicle systems such as electronic stability control, advanced front lighting, park assist, navigation and lane departure warning. Traditional combination sensors used a clockspring to deliver power and transfer the signal; this new sensor eliminates the requirement for a clockspring.

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Combo Sensor Steering Torque
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