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Sorry, no parts were found for CG1206MLC. Please contact Bourns Customer Service regarding this part at Americas: +1 951 781 5500 or email your request to: americus

North America

Part NumberUploadedLocationQuantityBuy NowDistributor
CG1206MLC-12E 9/17/2020US16042🛒Newark, An Avnet Company

Newark, An Avnet Company

You'll find more in one source. We offer the broadest selection of electronics in the industry from 400+ top manufacturers. In stock availability for same-day shipping/next-day delivery. Order online today.

Sales Office 1

Address4801 N Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago IL 60640-4496
United States
Customer BaseEveryone
Language(s) SpokenEnglish
Payment Method(s)Credit Card & On Account
Payment Term(s)Net 30 / Credit Card
Minimum Order
Sales Office (
Newark, An Avnet Company|CG1206MLC-12E|Sales Office|


Part NumberUploadedLocationQuantityBuy NowDistributor
CG1206MLC-12E 9/18/2020🌎Multi-Country Sales Office Locations:
1 in 0 Countries
7997🛒Farnell, An Avnet Company

Farnell, An Avnet Company

Broadline franchised distributor with over 400,000 stocked products

Sales Office 1

AddressCanal Rd.
Leeds West Yorkshire LS12 2TU
United Kingdom
Customer BaseEveryone
Language(s) SpokenEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
Payment Method(s)
Payment Term(s)
Minimum Order
Farnell, An Avnet Company|CG1206MLC-12E|Sales Dept|


Part NumberUploadedLocationQuantityBuy NowDistributor
CG1206MLC-12E 9/18/2020SG7997🛒element14


element14 is an innovative website specifically built for electronic design engineers that incorporates an information portal, Web 2.0 eCommunity and online store. Uniquely,the site can support every stage of the design process.

Sales Office 1

Address15 Tai Seng Drive
Singapore 535220
Telephone65-6788 0200
Fax65-6788 0300
Customer BaseEveryone
Language(s) SpokenEnglish
Payment Method(s)
Payment Term(s)
Minimum Order
Customer Service (
element14|CG1206MLC-12E|Customer Service|

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