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{"SearchedPartsCount":1,"SearchedParts":[{"SearchedPartParameter":"PN1","SearchedPart":"C850","Parts":[{"PartNumber":"C850-180-WH","AlternatePartNumber":"","Description":"TBU BIDIRECTIONAL 850V 425V 180MA 1US DFN SMD T/R","Quantity":9000,"ManufacturerCode":"BOUR","UploadDate":"8/7/2022","Distributor":{"Name":"Arrow Electronics","URI":"/api/DILP/v3/Distributor/b876e5e4-f5d5-4241-af57-f641f8455523","TotalSalesOffices":1,"ShoppingCartLink":{"URL":"","Method":"GET","PostVariables":[]},"MultiCountry":{"Countries":[{"Code":"228","ShortCode":"US","Name":"United States","Region":{"Region":"North America","ShortCode":"AM","Code":1,"Group":1}}],"Primary":{"Code":"228","ShortCode":"US","Name":"United States","Region":{"Region":"North America","ShortCode":"AM","Code":1,"Group":1}},"TotalCountries":1}},"PartPrice":{"Count":"2","Currency":"USD","Prices":[{"Price":"2.5001","MinQty":3000},{"Price":"1.1859","MinQty":12000}]}},{"PartNumber":"C850-260-WH","AlternatePartNumber":"BOUC850-260-WH","Description":"260MA I(TRIGGER) 850V(IMP)","Quantity":9000,"ManufacturerCode":"BOU","UploadDate":"8/6/2022","Distributor":{"Name":"TTI Inc","URI":"/api/DILP/v3/Distributor/cd1da1c6-cb70-4c0a-be72-e18f4bd14f68","TotalSalesOffices":1,"ShoppingCartLink":{"URL":"","Method":"GET","PostVariables":[]},"MultiCountry":{"Countries":[{"Code":"228","ShortCode":"US","Name":"United States","Region":{"Region":"North America","ShortCode":"AM","Code":1,"Group":1}}],"Primary":{"Code":"228","ShortCode":"US","Name":"United States","Region":{"Region":"North America","ShortCode":"AM","Code":1,"Group":1}},"TotalCountries":1}},"PartPrice":{"Count":"","Currency":"","Prices":[]}}],"Count":2,"Status":"Success","Message":""}]}
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Sorry, no parts were found for C850. Please contact Bourns Customer Service regarding this part at Americas: +1 951 781 5500 or email your request to: americus

North America

Part NumberUploadedLocationQuantityBuy NowDistributor
C850-180-WH 8/7/2022US9000🛒Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics

Global Electronic Component Distributor

Sales Office 1

Address9151 E Panorama Cir
Centennial CO 80112
United States
Customer BaseEveryone
Language(s) SpokenEnglish
Payment Method(s)Credit card and Paypal
Payment TermsTerms Accounts Available through sales
Minimum Order
NetComponentsRFQ (
Arrow Electronics|C850-180-WH|NetComponentsRFQ|
C850-260-WH 8/6/2022US9000🛒TTI Inc


Passive Components Specialist.

Sales Office 1

Address2441 Northeast Pkwy
Ft Worth TX 76106
United States
Customer BaseEveryone
Language(s) SpokenEnglish
Payment Method(s)
Payment Terms
Minimum Order
TTI Inc. (
TTI Inc|C850-260-WH|TTI Inc.|


Sorry, no parts were found for C850. . Please contact Bourns Customer Service regarding this part at EMEA: +36 88 520 390 or email your request to:


Sorry, no parts were found for C850. . Please contact Bourns Customer Service regarding this part at Asia: +886 2 2562 4117 or email your request to:


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