Mini-Breakers (Miniature Thermal Cut Off Devices)




Obsolete 產品標記此符號為目前可提供,但不建議作新設計使用。

Series 資料表 產品圖片 技術 描述
AA AA AA_part AA Series Breaker Model AA72AB0, AA77AB0, AA82AB0 and AA85AB0
Very High Current Series
AC AC AC_part AC Series Breaker Model AC72ABD, AC77ABD, AC82ABD, AC85ABD and AC90ABD
Very High Current, Low Impedance Series
CB CB CB_part CB Series Breaker Model CB72ABB, CB72A1B, CB77ABB, CB77A1B, CB82ABB, CB82A1B, CB85ABB, CB85A1B
Smallest Body Size
HC HC Komatsulite™ HC Series Breakers HC Series Breaker Model HC72AY-1, HC77AY-1, HC82AY-1, HC85AY-1 and HC90AY-1
Standard Package / High Current
LC LC Komatsulite™ LC Series Breaker LC Series Breaker Model LC72AY-1, LC77AY-1, LC82AY-1 and LC85AY-1
Standard Package / Low Current
NR NR Komatsulite™ NR Series A-Type and C-Type Breaker NR Series Breaker Model NR72AB0, NR77AB0, NR82AB0, NR85AB0, NR72CB0, NR77CB0, NR82CB0 and NR85CB0
Miniature Package / High & Low Current
SA SA SA-S_part SA Series Surface Mount Breaker Model SA72SB0, SA77SB0, SA82SB0 and SA85SB0
Surface Mount / High Current
SC SC sc_part SC Series Surface Mount Breaker Model SC72AAA, SC77AAA, SC82AAA, SC85AAA, SC72AAB, SC77AAB, SC82AAB and SC85AAB
Next Generation Surface Mount
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