Bourns® 磁性元件

With more than 50 years of Magnetic components experience, Bourns offers a broad, proven and continually expanding portfolio of catalog and modified standard products as well as extensive capabilities for the development of fully customized components. Our advanced magnetics components are designed to meet essential power application requirements for:
  • Power conversion
  • Isolation
  • EMC compliance
  • Signal integrity
  • Increased power density
Helping to ensure efficient and safe, highly reliable power, Bourns Magnetics are key elements in many of today’s breakthrough electric vehicle, high power battery charging, e-mobility, renewable energy, energy storage, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial infrastructure designs.


We developed our comprehensive Magnetics line to make it easy for circuit designers to select the right components to meet their increasingly complex and demanding application requirements. And, our roadmap remains strong in addressing next-generation application needs.

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Bourns Catalog Magnetic Components

Global in size and strength, we offer worldwide tech support backed by our regionally based R&D centers and multiple manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.

Bourns® Standard Magnetic Components 

custom magentic pillars01For today’s rugged design requirements, we offer a full range of automotive grade Magnetics components   
  • High creepage and clearance isolation transformers
  • BMS signal transformers
  • Chip LAN transformers
  • Power inductors
  • AEC-Q200 High Current Common Mode Chokes
  • Bourns has AEC-Q200 testing in-house
  • IATF 16949 and ISO 14000 certified factories

Bourns Magnetics Design Differentiators

Design Lab
Our extensive Magnetics experience allows us to meet the requirements in today's designs that operate at higher switching frequencies, require ever-more component performance support and are continually shrinking in size.
  • Miniaturization – Smaller form factors for space-constrained designs
  • Low EMI noise – Inductors that mitigate EMI noise while maintaining high efficiency
  • Thermal management – Industry leading temperature stability
  • High robustness and reliability -- Helps maximize product lifespan
  • Advanced materials and construction for highly efficient and ultra-low DC resistance –
    1. advanced metal alloy powder cores
    2. molded construction techniques
    3. flat windings
    4. self-lead terminals

Custom Magnetic Capabilities

From Design to Spec and Build to Print -- all the way to Volume Production.

Bourns' custom Magnetics team can design and manufacture transformers and inductors for almost any power level, helping designers meet their application specific requirements. Customers are able to leverage Bourns' engineering expertise and advanced software design tools to expedite the development an optimized design. Plus, our engineering lab can provide fast turnaround prototype samples and manufacturing to support volume production goals.

The proof is in the thousands of successful fully custom designs Bourns has delivered: 

  • High power SMPS transformers (1 kilowatt to high power 25 kilowatt and higher)
  • High voltage isolation, TH and SMT transformers to meet UL and IEC requirements
  • SMPS transformer designs for a wide range of operating frequencies
  • High current inductors for any Magnetics application
  • Semi and fully customized EMC/EMI components

custom magentics
Key expertise includes:
  • Fast prototypes
  • Ferrite core manufacturing
  • Designs for EMI reduction
  • Expertise in thermal management
  • Engineering support for finite element analysis and simulations
  • Comprehensive custom design capabilities including:
    • standard and custom bobbins and cores
    • aluminum housings
    • thermally conductive potting
    • Litz wire
    • flat wire windings


Agency Standards Compliance
Bourns designs for compliance with UL and IEC safety standards for isolation and creepage and clearance. We can also meet customers’ strict automotive grade requirements including AEC-Q200 and PPAP.

Reference Designs
Helping our customers save time and minimize risk, we also have reference designs with major IC manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, ADI and PI.

Year Semiconductor Company IC Part Number Application Bourns Part Number Reference
2021 TI TPA6304-Q1 Automotive Class D Amplifier SRP5015T A-20Y TPA6304-Q1 Evaluation Module
2021 TI TPA6304-Q1 Automotive Class D Amplifier SRP5015TA-R22Y TPA6304-Q1 Evaluation Module
2021 TI TPA6304-Q1 Automotive Class D Amplifier SRP5015TA-R33M TPA6304-Q1 Evaluation Module
2021 TI SN6501-Q1 Isolated Power Supplies HCTSM8 SN6501-Q1
2021 ADI ADBMS6830M Automotive BMS SM91501ALE LTC6812-1
2021 ADI ADBMS682 Automotive BMS SM91501ALE LTC6812-1
2021 PI INN3996CQ High voltage input automotive isolated DC-DC Power Supply SRP4020T A-1R5M DER-889Q Design Example Report

Conflict Mineral Source Reporting for Magnetics & JW Miller® products CFSI_CMRT


Bourns 併購 Bell Industries, Inc.旗下的 J.W. Miller® 磁性產品線後,我們的客戶現在享有更齊全的產品,包括表面黏著及插件式之高質量線圈、扼流圈、電感、變壓器等全產品線。多年來在磁性組件工程、設計、支持累積的經驗,使我們擁有世界一流的技術,和應用領域的專業知識。 Bourns 享譽全球的產品知識技術,能確保您找到最佳解決方案。

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