保護插件模組 - 4 Type

Protection Plug-In Modules - 4-Type

All Bourns® Telephone Protectors are designed to provide highly safe and reliable protection against lightning surges, power-cross conditions and ground-potential rises.

The 4-type overvoltage and overcurrent (sneak-current) 5-pins utilize Gas Discharge Tube (GDT), Multi-Stage Protector (MSP®) and TBU® High-Speed Protector technologies to provide primary protection for electronic equipment of twisted-pair circuits.

Bourns offers our MSP® technology which contains both solid state and GDT protection components with our "switch-grade fail-short". This technology provides the fast turn-on advantages of solid state with the robustness of the GDT and the reliability and safety of our rugged failsafe. MSP® devices have 10 times the surge life of standard GDT protectors.

The TBU® High-Speed Protector is utilized for advanced overcurrent protection.

Please refer to to the Bourns® Outside Plant Product Overview Guide (PDF, 2.4MB) for further information.

Series 資料表 產品圖片 描述 工程文件
2430 2430 2430_part Sneak Current MSP® Downloads
2440 2440 2440_part Sneak Current GDT Downloads
2470 2470 2430_part Sneak Current MSP®/TBU® HSP Downloads
85028 85028 8502x_part 5-Pin Receptacle Downloads
C-303 SS C-303 SS C-303_SS_part 5-Pin, 3- & 4-Type SS
F Series SS 5-Pin OC F Series SS 5-Pin OC ENP_4type_GDT_part 4-Type/ Sneak Current
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