Bourns Further Expands its Discrete TVS Diode Product Line

RIVERSIDE, Calif., October 21, 2019 - Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today announced the further expansion of its industry-leading line of discrete transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode products with two new series of ESD/EFT surge protection products. Bourns designed its Model SMA6J and Model SMA6L-Q TVS diodes to protect power buses and I/O interfaces in data lines and DC power supplies. In addition, Bourns® Model SMA6J-Q is AEC-Q101 compliant and well-suited for a broad range of communications, industrial and consumer electronics applications that are used in certain harsh environments and require high reliability.

Both model series come in a compact, industry standard DO214-AC (SMA) package, and feature increased peak pulse power (PPP) dissipation of 600 watts compared to the 400-watt industry standard. TVS diodes are typically rated for peak pulse power allowing designers to determine the best type required for a particular application and environment. These unidirectional/bidirectional devices offer reverse standoff voltage of 5 – 43 V. The features of Bourns' new TVS diodes help enable power supply designers to meet their both their high-power density and small form factor requirements.

Bourns® Models SMA6J and SMA6L-Q are available now and are RoHS* compliant. For additional product information, please see:

*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.

**Bourns considers a product to be "halogen free" if (a) the Bromine (Br) content is 900 ppm or less; (b) the Chlorine (Cl) content is 900 ppm or less; and (c) the total Bromine (Br) and Chlorine (Cl) content is 1500 ppm or less.


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