Product Activity Summary - August 2023

New Product Releases
Bourns Announces New Lead Style Options - IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protection Component Series
Bourns Releases New AEC-Q200 Compliant, Automotive Grade Semi-shielded Power Inductors - Model SRN2010BTA, SRN2510BTA, SRN3010BTA, SRN3012BTA and SRN3015BTA Series
Bourns SinglFuse Product Line Announces 1206 Size, High Current & High Voltage SMD Fuse Families for General & Automotive (AEC-Q200 Compliant) Applications - Model SF-1206HH-R and SF-1206HHA-R Series
Bourns Releases New High Current Shielded Power Inductors - Model SRP1038CC, SRP1245CC, SRP1265CC, SRP1770CC, SRP2313CC, SRP3012CC, SRP3020CC, SRP4012CC, SRP4020CC, SRP5020CC, SRP5030CC, and SRP7028CC Series
Bourns Expands its Next-Generation Gas Discharge Tube Offering - Model GDT28H Series

Product Change Notifications
Bourns® Model SRN5040 Series Semi-shielded Power Inductors - Additional Source of Supply for Inductor Core & Design and Source of Supply Changes for Cover Tape and Reel
Bourns® Model MF-RHS550-0-T2 Multifuse™ PPTC Resettable Fuse - Change of Coating Material
Additional New Warehouse Location for Bourns® Semiconductor Products
Bourns® Model SDR1307A and Select Model SDR0604 Series SMD Power Inductors - Addition of Manufacturing Site
Bourns® Model SRR8030-100YA Shielded Power Inductor - Additional Source of Supply for Inductor Core

Product Obsolescence Memos
Bourns® Model SM91602L LAN Transformer to be Discontinued
Bourns® Model SM91073AL 10/100 Base-T Transformer to be Discontinued
Bourns® Model 186006, 186007, 186010 & 186403 Transponder Coils to be Discontinued
Bourns® Model 186080-001 & 186053-000 TPMS Transponders to be Discontinued

Bourns® Automotive Product Profile
Bourns® Automotive Component Selection Guide
Bourns Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT)

White Papers
Employing Effective Automotive Heater Thermal Management Protection Using Mini-Breakers

New Product Briefs
Bourns® Next-Generation High Voltage 2-Electrode Gas Discharge Tube New Product Brief

Bourns® Product Portfolio

Design Kits
GDT28H Series

Product Training Modules
GDT28H Series