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Brochure January, 2021 Bourns Non-Contacting Position Sensors & Rotary Controls Brochure PDF, 1.7 MB
Brochure January, 2021 Bourns Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) Brochure PDF, 2.3 MB
New Product Brief January, 2021 Bourns Next-Generation 2-electrode Gas Discharge Tube New Product Brief PDF, 690 KB
White Paper January, 2021 Advancing GDT Technology to Meet Higher Surge and Multi-level Protection Requirements White Paper PDF, 902 KB
Brochure January, 2021 Bourns® Automotive Component Selection Guide - Brochure PDF, 10 MB
Brochure December, 2020 Bourns Varistor Components Brochure PDF, 2.46 MB
Technical Paper December, 2020 Multifuse® Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses Soldering Recommendations PDF, 498 KB
Brochure November, 2020 Bourns® Power Conversion Components - Custom Magnetics Brochure PDF, 2 MB
White Paper October, 2020 Bourns® Automotive Grade Fuses Provide Overcurrent Protection in Harsh Environment Applications PDF, 729 KB
White Paper September, 2020 Bourns® Tips on Selecting the Right MOV Surge Suppressor White Paper PDF, 1.7 MB
Application Note July, 2020 How to Select the Right Reinforced Transformer for High Voltage Energy Storage Applications Note PDF, 902 KB
Short Form Brochure June, 2020 Bourns® Chip Resistors and Arrays Short Form Brochure PDF, 3.3 MB
Information Sheet June, 2020 Bourns® SMT Chip Resistors and Networks Information Sheet PDF, 1.2 MB
Brochure June, 2020 Bourns® Rotary Encoders Brochure PDF, 1.1 MB
Brochure April, 2020 Bourns® Precision Environmental Sensors Brochure PDF, 1.2 MB
Application Note April, 2020 Bourns® Increasing Permanent Magnet DC Motor Safety with Effective Protection Solutions Application Note PDF, 756 KB
Product Guide April, 2020 Bourns® MOV, MLV and Hybrid Component Product Guide PDF, 1.9 MB
New Product Brief March, 2020 Bourns® TBU® High-Speed Protectors TBU-CA Series New Product Brief PDF, 804.74 KB
Brochure March, 2020 Bourns® SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses Brochure PDF, 2.24 MB
New Product Brief February, 2020 Bourns® BPS125 New Product Brief PDF, 463.64 KB
Brochure February, 2020 Bourns® Product Profile Brochure Brochure PDF, 3.58 MB
Brochure February, 2020 Bourns® Rectifier Diode Brochure PDF, 1.3 MB
Cross Reference February, 2020 Bourns® SinglFuse™ SMD Fuses Cross Reference Guide PDF, 488.84 KB
Product Guide February, 2020 Bourns® SinglFuse™ Product Guide PDF, 678 KB
New Product Brief February, 2020 Bourns® SinglFuse™ Automotive Grade Fuses New Product Brief PDF, 846 KB
White Paper February, 2020 Bourns Battery Pack Protection Overview White Paper PDF, 1.9 MB
Brochure January, 2020 Bourns Mini-Breakers - Miniature Thermal Cutoff Devices (TCOs) Brochure PDF, 4.4 MB
Application Note December, 2019 How to Apply AC Rectifiers When Designing PoE PD Devices Application Note PDF, 866 KB
Brochure October, 2019 Bourns® Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Diode Brochure PDF, 907.99 KB
Brochure October, 2019 Bourns® Electronic Current Limiters TCS™ & TBU® High-Speed Protectors Brochure PDF, 5.43 MB
Application Note October, 2019 Bourns Overtemperature protection for Smartphone Lithium-ion Cells Appnote PDF, 564.20 KB
Design Note September, 2019 Selecting the Right Power Inductor for DC/DC Converters Design Note PDF, 998 KB
White Paper September, 2019 The Development of New Amorphous Cores for High Frequency Power Applications White Paper PDF, 1.20 MB
Tel-Note September, 2019 Circuit Protection Solution for ONT CPE Tel-Note PDF, 3.92 MB
Tel-Note September, 2019 Server Power Bus Protection and Sensing Tel-Note PDF, 2.22 MB
PowerNote September, 2019 Bourns® LTE RRU Power Module PowerNote PDF, 1.11 MB
PowerNote September, 2019 Bourns® Remote Radio Head DC Power Supply PowerNote PDF, 1.10 MB
PortNote September, 2019 Ethernet - Exposed Power over Ethernet (PoE) Circuit Conditioning Solution PortNote PDF, 1 MB
White Paper August, 2019 Bourns Advanced Network Transformer White Paper PDF, 2.23 MB
Brochure August, 2019 Specialty Engineering and Manufacturing Services (SEMS) Brochure PDF, 1.06 MB
Brochure July, 2019 Bourns® Automotive Grade Component Guide Brochure PDF, 10.3 MB
Application Note July, 2019 Bourns® Reliable Overcurrent Protection of Internet of Things (IoT) Wearable Devices Application Note PDF, 476 KB

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