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Achieving High Efficiency Automotive System Current Monitoring Using Current Sense Resistors Application Note


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New in Current Sense, Pulse Power & High Power Resistors

Type Date Issued Headline File, Size
Information Sheet December, 2023 Bourns® Power Resistors and Current Sense Resistors Information Sheet PDF, 1.45 MB
Application Note May, 2023 The Difference Between Current Sense Resistors and Hall Effect Sensors for Motor Control Application Note PDF, 1.02 MB
Application Note April, 2023 Understanding the Importance of Resistive Components in Switched-Mode Power Supplies Application Note PDF, 702.87 KB
Application Note February, 2023 Accurate Measurements using Shunt Resistors and Current Sense Modules in High-Energy Storage Applications Note PDF, 583 KB
Application Note January, 2023 Use of PWR Power Resistors in Telecom Power Supplies Application Note PDF, 731 KB
New Product Brief October, 2022 Bourns® Model CSM2F Series with Sensing Pins New Product Brief PDF, 672.32 KB
Application Note April, 2022 Using Current Sense Resistors for Accurate Current Measurement Application Note PDF, 891 K
Brochure December, 2021 Battery Management & Protection Product Profile Brochure PDF, 913 KB
Technical Paper March, 2019 Bourns Proper Resistance Measurement Test Method for Bourns Metal Current Sense Products PDF, 1.97 KB
White Paper
July, 2018 Optimizing Battery Management in High Voltage Energy Storage Systems White Paper PDF, 864 K
Application Note April, 2018 Bourns® Component Solutions to Help Meet Automotive CO2 Emissions Reduction Application Note PDF, 973 KB
Application Brief
May, 2017 Energy - Improving the Efficiency of External Power Supplies (EPS) Application Brief PDF, 286 K
Application Brief
May, 2017 Energy - Current Sensing in Battery Management Systems Application Brief PDF, 187 K
White Paper February, 2017 Bourns® Thick Film Resistive Heaters White Paper PDF, 419 K
White Paper November, 2016 Selecting the Right Sense Resistor for Motor Control with Reinforced Isolation White Paper PDF, 372 K
Application Note August, 2016 Achieving High Efficiency Automotive System Current Monitoring Using Current Sense Resistors Application Note PDF, 374 K






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