Bourns® Model BA60951CS

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Bourns® Model PCS020 and PCS040 Series

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High-efficiency Discrete IGBTs for Industrial Power Applications

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs):

  • Discrete IGBTs co-packed with FRD
  • Advanced Trench-Gate Field-Stop (TGFS) technology
  • Low saturation voltage drop (Vce(sat))
  • Low switching loss
  • TO-252, TO-247 and TO-247N packages
High-efficiency Discrete IGBTs for Industrial Power Applications

Bourns® PTVS1 & PTVS2 Series

Bourns® PTVS1 & PTVS2 Series:

  • Industry’s first DFN package PTVS (8 mm x 6 mm x 2.5 mm)
  • 1 kA & 2 kA ratings with 8/20 μs surge capability
  • Repetitive standoff voltage: 22 V to 86 V
  • Low clamping voltage under surge
Data Sheet PTVS1
Data Sheet PTVS2

Bourns® POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuses

Bourns® POWrFuse™ High-Power Fuses:

  • Five application-specific families
  • Up to 1000 VDC and 400 A
  • Up to 160 kA interrupting current
  • UL248, IEC 60269-6 and ISO 8820-8 compliance
Data Sheet PTVS1
Data Sheet PTVS2

Bourns® IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protectors

Bourns® IsoMOV™ Component Features:

  • Space-saving form factor
  • Ultra-low leakage current
  • Lower clamping voltage
  • Isolation GDT extends MOV life
  • Passes ring-wave requirement
  • State-of-the-art surge ratings
  • High temperature rating
  • Graceful end-of-life failure mode
Bourns® IsoMOV™ Hybrid Protectors

Increase BMS Life & Safety with Bourns Solutions

Bourns high-quality components are designed to meet BMS requirements for:

  • Isolated communications
  • High voltage support
  • Effective protection
  • Wide temperature range
  • Accurate current sensing
Increase BMS Life & Safety with Bourns Solutions

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