High Voltage Series

High-voltage GDT devices are designed specifically for those customers and applications requiring a high level of isolation. This family of GDT is available with DC breakdown voltages ranging from 800 V to 6000 V.

Herkunftsbericht für GDT, SPD, MOV :CMRT

Serie Datenblatt Beschreibung Bild Gerätesymbol Maße (Durchmesser x Länge) mm Kapazität pF DC Breakdown Voltage Range V Nominal 8/20µs Impulse Discharge Current (kA) 10 Max 8x20µs Impulse Current (kA) 1 Application Operating Temperature Range C° Packaging Options RoHS-konform RoHS-konform Ingenieurwesen Design Dateien
2087-xxx-SM 2087-xxx-SM High Voltage 2-Electrode Miniature GDT 2087_part gdt_2_electrode 4 x 4.2 <1 800-2000 2 3 -30 to +85C Tape & Reel, Bulk 2087-xxx-SM 2087-xxx-SM
2039-xxx-XX 2039-xxx-XX High Voltage 2-Electrode Miniature GDT 203537 gdt_2_electrode 5 x 4 <1 800-1100 2.5 5 -55 to +85C Tape & Reel, Bulk Downloads
2039-xxx-SM 2039-xxx-SM High Voltage 2-Electrode Miniature GDT 2035_xx_sm_part_photo gdt_2_electrode 5 x 4.4 <1 900-1100 2.5 5 -55 to +85C Tape & Reel, Bulk 2039-xxx-SM Downloads
2089-xxx-X 2089-xxx-X High Voltage 2-Electrode Miniature GDT 2089_part gdt_2_electrode 5.5 x 6 <1.5 1000-3600 1.5 3 -30 to +85C Tape & Reel, Bulk 2089-xxx-X 2089-xxx-X
2093-xxx-SM 2093-xxx-SM High Voltage 2-Electrode GDT 2093_part gdt_2_electrode 6.2 x 4.2 <1 1000-3000 3 5 -30 to +85C Tape & Reel, Bulk 2093-xxx-SM 2093-xxx-SM
2095-xxx-X 2095-xxx-X High Voltage 2-Electrode GDT 2095_part gdt_2_electrode 8 x 8 <1.5 800-6000 5/3 8/5 -30 to +90C Tape & Reel, Bulk 2095-xxx-X 2095-xxx-X
SA2-xxxx-XXX-STD SA2-xxxx-XXX-STD High-Voltage 2-Electrode Miniature GDT (formerly Jensen Devices, AB) SA2_part gdt_2_electrode 8.5 x 8.9 <1 2000-7200 5 10 -40 to +125 Tape & Reel, Bulk SA2-xxxx-XXX-STD SA2-xxxx-XXX-STD
2097-xxx-D 2097-xxx-D Heavy Duty High-Voltage 2-Electrode GDT 2097_part gdt_2_electrode 11.8 x 17.5 <1 1000-2200 20kA
5 operations
25 -30 to +85 Bulk 2097-xxx-DLF 2097-xxx-DLF
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