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Bourns Solutions: Circuit Protection
Application Note: Implementing Advanced Circuit Protection Technologies for RS-485 Ports
RS-485-based industrial systems must be capable of operating in very noisy and harsh electrical environments. Reliable circuit protection is a crucial to avoid damage and overload of the system. This application note describes a robust three-stage solution for RS-485 serial device ports. Learn how to apply the combination of Bourns Transient Blocking Unit (TBU®), gas discharge tube (GDT) and transient voltage suppression (TVS) products to meet industry standards and implement highly effective protection against power cross, ESD, EFT and surge pulses.

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 Design Note: RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Board 1    RS-485 Evaluation Board 1 Demo Video
 Design Note: RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Board 2    RS-485 Evaluation Board 2 Demo Video
 3.3V-Supply RS-485 with IEC ESD Protection    3.3V-Supply RS-485 with IEC ESD Protection
     Article: How Much On-Chip Transient Protection Is Enough?
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