Mini-Breakers - Circuit Protection in Li-Ion Battery Cell Operated Electronics Application Note


RS-485 端口保護測試板4




類型 發行 日期標題 文件大小
Application Note June, 2019 Fast Charging Overtemperature Protection for Smartphones Application Note PDF, 631 KB
White Paper March, 2019 A Simple High-Speed All-in-One Solution for RS-485 Protection White Paper PDF, 560 KB
White Paper December, 2018 How to Protect Mobile Devices from USB Kill Threats White Paper PDF, 794 KB
Design Note November, 2018 Bourns® RS-485 Port Protection Evaluation Board 4 PDF, 652 KB
Brochure May, 2018 Bourns® Mini-Breakers - Miniature Thermal Cutoff Devices (TCOs) Brochure PDF, 3.6 MB
White Paper May, 2018 Keeping Higher Current Lithium-ion Battery Cells Safe with Effective Overtemperature Protection PDF, 604 KB
Brochure May, 2018 Battery Management & Protection Product Profile Brochure PDF, 921 KB
White Paper
May, 2017 Designing Effective Overtemperature Lithium Polymer Battery Cell Protection for Notebook PCs with Bourns® Mini-Breakers White Paper PDF, 894 K
White Paper
May, 2017 New Battery Protection for Portable Electronics that Cuts Manufacturing Steps and Costs White Paper PDF, 577 K
Application Note
April, 2017 Bourns® Mini-Breakers - Overcoming Circuit Protection Challenges in Lithium Battery Cell Operated Electronics Application Note PDF, 620 K
Application Brief March, 2017 Big Data/Video Surveillance Network Storage - Edge Storage Requires Robust Protection Application Brief PDF, 99 K
Application Brief March, 2017 Home & Building Automation - Protecting the 2-Wire Differential Interface in Security Systems Application Brief PDF, 186 K
PortNote® Solution March, 2017 RF Port - Broadband Equipment Protection PortNote PDF, 238 K
White Paper January, 2017 Implementing Overtemperature and Overcurrent Protection Matching Today’s Higher Current Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries White Paper PDF, 241 K
Quick Reference Guide October, 2016 Bourns® TBU®, TCS™ and TVS Diode Quick Reference Guide PDF, 161 K
Quick Reference Guide October, 2016 Bourns® Thyristor Surge Protector Quick Reference Guide PDF, 132 K
Short Form Brochure October, 2016 Bourns® Power Supply Component Guide Short Form Brochure PDF, 3.6 MB
Short Form Brochure August, 2016 Bourns® Military / Aerospace Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) & Custom Components Short Form Brochure PDF, 2.29 MB
May, 2016 Exposed Power over Ethernet (PoE) Circuit Conditioning Tel-Note and Design Kit PDF, 201 K
Tel-Note 解決方案 April, 2016 Bourns® Circuit Conditioning Short Form Brochure PDF, 765 K







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