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Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestors operate as a voltage dependent switch. When a voltage appears across the device that is greater than its rated DC breakdown voltage the gas in the GDT will begin to ionize and conduct until is reaches it's Impulse Sparkover Voltage. At this point, the device is fully in its on state and a low arc voltage is maintained irrespective of discharge current. When the transient passes, the GDT will reset to its non-conducting state. GDT technology is capable of handling very high surge currents, posses very high off-state insulating resistance s and is very low in capacitance making them ideal as a stand-alone protector or as the primary stage of a multi-stage circut protection design.

Bourns® offers a wide range of two and three electrode GDT as well as the new and innovative FLAT® GDT Series. An optional, proprietary Switch-Grade Fail-Short is offered on selected three electrode versions to provide an added level of reliability and safety. Bourns offers Telecom Design Kits that include this product line as well as Bourns Online Product Training, and a Bourns® Gas Discharge Tubes Short Form.